Sunday, 27 October 2013

Halloween Special: GOLD & SILVER

I love everything that metallic and I like to make something flashing for this Halloween. In Australia Halloween is not that big but I still like to dress up( the only time of the year that I can dress abnormal.LOL). I make my own top and match it with pair of painted gold denim. Also I created a head piece that make it more dramatic look.  The high heels that I wore that took me 2 months practise on them, I have to wear them every night now and then to walk and dance  to make sure that I will be able to "WORK IT".
Top: My own label TTAT
Head Piece: My own label TTAT
Heels: Tony Bianco
Photograpgh by Cookie Fried

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ready for Spring

         The Spring is coming to town and the light jumper is best for to dress for this weather.Due to Melbourne weather changing constantly, so no way that I can walk around in Melbourne without any reparation. It can be flexible for warm and cool temperatures. Just very casual for a nice day outdoor.

Jumper: Deeva.
Jeans: G Star.
Shoes: Marc Jacobs.                                     Photograph By DLHN.
Bag: Sample.                                                Edit by Cookie Fried.