Sunday, 23 December 2012



        La vie en rose is my favourite song from legendary Edith Piaf. It meant Life in Pink, every times I listen, I felt so peaceful and make my artistic mind bright up with happiness. It it told me everything about life that beautiful, romantic and happy. Also my personality is quite pink that influenced me to do those photos at Lake Entrance and wear everything in Pink, Pink from head to toes. 
        Some pictures were at the beach, some at the country farm and specially some photos at the bush after big fire. It was a beautiful place that got fire the day before that all the the burned trees were cover in black dust, I wore my sandals for very first time and it was ruin , my clothes were so messy and dirty. However I'm so happy with those photos and hope everyone will like it too.
       Once again, inspired by this song that I think my life is pink and I look at everything in my life in pink. So this time I put the whole outfit together in pink, also mix up with some other colours accessories and some exotic diamonds jewellery.

Pink Shirt : Tommy Hilfiger
Pink Vest : Sample
Pink Jeans : Factory
Pink + Black bow tie: Valentino
Pink Ceramic Watch : Citizen Eco Drive
Pink Belt : Market in London
Diamond Rose Ring : Bevilles Jewller
Pinky Finger Ring : Made by Order
Tan Sandals : Celiné
Sunglasses : Ray Band

Photograph by Hang To

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


        Paisley is remind me of something vintage and retro...

     Paisley Blazer : Zara
     Grey Metallic Tank Top: made by me...TTaT
     Grey Metallic Denim : Nobody
     Rose Gold + White Gold Necklace: Custom Made
     Multi-colors Pearls Bracelet : Bevilles
     White Ceramic Watch: Pierre Cardin
     Sunglasses: Burberry
     Natural Emeral Crocodile Gold Ring: Limited Edition From Bevilles

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


          Well, so once again Halloween is back to town. It is so fun to do some dress up and play little characteristic. 
        Every year I always have back up plan as if I don't have any outfit to wear, I will wearing black kinky latex bodysuit like everyone else( just kidding LOL). However thanks God this year I have enough time to do something fun, fresh and fierce costume.
        This costume is made of 50% of white fabric and 50% of butcher paper and took me 5 hours to made it. As my inspiration is Dandelion flower, very nice, gentle, soft, fluffy and delicate, just simple light wind can whisk all the fluffy petals away. Therefore I used butcher paper to represent all the fluffy petals that can flying with my movements or when wind blows. However with my white outfit, it doesn't mean that I will play the "Good Character". I have to be VILLAIN  so I got my dark make up done to make more like a demon from the inside and angel on the outside...

So not all villain are scary and freaky on the outside.....

Photograph by Cookie Fried

Saturday, 20 October 2012


      The 70's disco image always stay in my heart. I love everything about 70's, the reflection mirror disco ball, the flare, chunky heels, the fur, the classic hat, the vintage crocodile leather bag and ruffle shirt.
       I love 70's so much, so I do little photo shoots that can reflect my personality style. As you see that I'm quite short to wear flare pants but I had a confidence boost up by my Oxford's heels( so I was 5 cm taller).
      Also to add little more vintage look, I got my silk black ruffle shirt, rabbit fur coat, wool hat and my favourite crocodile clutch.

 Wool Hat : from market.
 Ruffle Shirt: Burberry Prorsum
 Rabbit Fur Coat: Vintage
 Flare Jeans: No brand
 Crocodile Clutch: Crocodile Farm in Queensland
 Oxford Heels: COMME des GARCONS

Photograph By Cookied Fried

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


       Those pictures were captured  at one amazing abandon factory in Melbourne, this place was half collapsed and it's quite dangerous to walked around. We were so frustrated and scared to touch any corner of this building that  matter of fact we didn't want any drama to occur. At the beginning when we walked into this place, I had little accident that I stepped on a sharp nail. It went through my shoe and point straight through my foot, I was bleed badly and non-stop, we were thinking to cancel the shoot because I have to go to hospital. However, my friendly photographer's turn out to be my nurse who took care for my injury. So the shoot was continued to go on and I was posed IN PAIN. Hoping that everyone like it.

 A navy wool coat with studded sleeves that I purchased from ZARA in London, the fabric of this coat were so soft that make me think about cashmere and  the special feature are many little studs that placed nicely on sleeves. Also uniquely about this coat have really high collar that give me stylish look and  keep me warm in winter.
     Tuxedo pants from WAYNE COOPER, it fitted me perfectly on the waist and length ( No alteration required)
      Painted shoes from TOP SHOP (first time wear it and ruin by a sharp nail)
     Clutch by ASOS, nicely made, tan colour easy to wear, suitable for most outfits and the size & shape of this clutch is simply ever lasting style.
      Sunglasses : VERSACE

 Photograph by Cookie Fried.